Instructions to Authors

General submission guidlines

Manuscript Preparation

Title page

Abstract - second page




Acknowledgments of people, grants, funds etc. should be placed in a separate section after the discussion and before the reference list. The names of funding organisations should be written in full.



Illustrations (Figures)

All illustrations (photographs, sketches, schemata, diagrams, algorithms and other graphical material) should be provided in camera-ready form, suitable for reproduction. A chart, photograph or diagram are all to be referred to as "Figure" and should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are referred to thewatchmenshop . Figures should always be cited in the text. Figure parts should be denoted with lowercase letters (a, b, c,...). A maximum of 6 figures (together with tables) should be included in a manuscript submission. They should accompany the manuscript but should not be included in the text. All illustrations should be prepared by computer software, each printed on a separate page and suitable for black- and-white printing. Each figure should be saved in a standard graphics format (EPS, PDF, GIF, and TIF). Please state in the text where these illustrations should be included (e.g. ***Place Figure 1 near here***). All figures must have a caption. Captions should be supplied on  a separate sheet. Each illustration should have a number and a title. Legends to illustrations should be given at the foot of the illustration. If illustrations contain symbols, arrows, numbers or letters, these should be explained in detail in the legend. Figures should be designed to fit a one-column (13.5 cm) or 1/2 column width (6.75 cm). Figures should not exceed the page length (19.5 cm).

Line drawings


Tables should be typed on separate sheets and numbered consecutively. Tables should have self-explanatory headings, a suitable caption and be double-spaced and designed to fit a one-column width (13.5 cm). Tables should not exceed the page length (19.5 cm). Tables should be submitted separately. No vertical lines should be used, horizontal lines only between the table title and column headings,between the column headings and the main body of the table! Tables should accompany the manuscript, but should not be included in the text. It should be clearly stated where they are to be inserted within the text (e.g. ***Place Table 1 here***). Each table should be printed on a separate sheet. Tables should not duplicate results presented elsewhere in the manuscript (e.g. in figures).

Table_sample.pdf (73.7 kB)

File size limits


When presenting equations please simplify the complex formulae and check them carefully. Simple in-text formulas and equations should be presented in a single line. Number the displayed equations consecutively, with the number in parentheses near the right margin of the page. All characters should be accompanied by a text (please see below).

Equation sample: The fatigue index was calculated according to the equation (1):

FI = 100 - ((JH2/JH1)*100)                            (1)

where FI is the fatigue index, JH1 is the average jump height in the first set, JH2 is the average jump height in the second set.


Proof reading